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I love Yoga, and I love food… hence why I have chosen to name my blog Yoga & Honey (okay, so I have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to food).
Since starting Yoga, I have learnt allot about food, because just like we learn to fine tune our bodies, get in touch with the unused muscles, hold back on the over flexible parts during our yoga practise, we can apply that thinking to our eating habits. Here are three things that I have

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learnt to translate from the mat to my kitchen…

  • On the mat we learn to focus our attention on what we are doing, allowing the mind chatter to fade away – being present in the body. Learning to be present when we eat, allows us to fully involve the senses and enjoy our food more. When you next sit down to eat, see if you can bring your attention to all the food in front of you – the colour, the texture, the smell and the taste… and enjoy it.
  • Just like we have to learn which asanas (postures) our bodies need at any given time, and which asana is detrimental to our well being on the mat, we can learn to listen to our bodies, paying attention to see what instinctively feels right to eat, and what will throw your health off balance. So as we come to realise that cooling down forward bending postures is probably not what the body needs on a cold wintry day, we can see that a big cold salad with lots of cucumber is not what the digestive system wants or needs on that same cold day. Common sense it is, but it is surprising how often we don’t listen to that common sense when our attention is elsewhere… so we slow down and we observe.
  • If we did the same yoga practise day in and day out, our bodies would become unbalanced, and yoga really is all about balance and harmony. Variation is key, as my Yoga teacher Ruth so often reminds us. Remember that when choosing your food, variety is key in a healthy diet. Don’t stick to your favorite foods all the time, and be adventurous.

Just like our bodies love it when we use it in movements such as in our asana practise, our bodies love healthy nutritious foods that’s right for us at the time. Our bodies are the only vehicles we get for this lifetime, so let’s keep it moving and fueling it up with what it needs.