The much requested Blueberry Amaretti biscuits

The much requested Blueberry Amaretti biscuits

This post is especially for my students who came to my mini yoga-event at the Woodstock community Centre last week. I haven’t had a chance to photograph these, so all I have for you is a camera phone snap. But, I didn’t dare wait any longer to post the recipe because I keep getting requests for it.

This recipe is from the book Ottolenghi: The Cookbook, a firm favourite of mine that I just can’t stop using. Yatam Ottolenghi is not a health food specialist cook per-se, but his recipes have so much colour to them tha they are just packed full of goodness. This recipe is probably not one of the healthiest (it has quite a bit of icing sugar), but it is gluten-free an dmade from ground almonds full of good fats. The original recipe calls for sour cherries, but I used dried blueberries and loved the result!

The youngest of all the students last Wednesday was a lovely girl called Anna. Anna helped me hand around the biscuits, and she had lots of good things to say about these little crunchy yet soft creations. Compliments from children from children are sincere and high praise indeed, so this recipe was created by Yatam Ottolengi and approved by Anna – a winner of a recipe. Here it


Blueberry Amaretti Biscuits

  • 60g dried blueberries (or cranberries)
  • 120g caster sugar
  • 180g ground almonds
  • 1/2tsp almond essence
  • zest one lemon
  • pinch salt
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 2 egg whites
  • icing sugar, for serious dusting

Heat oven to 170degrees. Mix together the almonds, sugar, lemon zest, almond essence and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites and honey into soft peaks. Fold the egg white mixture along with the blueberries gently into the other ingredients to form a soft paste. Scattering icing sugar on a plate scoop  walnut size balls of the mixture onto the plate and roll roughly into balls making 20 biscuits.  Place on a greaseproof-covered baking tray. Bake for 12 mins, until slightly coloured but still soft inside. Leave to cool and enjoy!


This weekend I’m off to the Wilderness festival for some music and yoga (I of course had to choose a festival with lots of yoga on offer). so watch this space for some photos and a write-up of the festival.

Have a great weekend yogis.

Hanri x