New Tara Stiles yoga DVD range for a New Year Practice

New Tara Stiles yoga DVD range for a New Year Practice

Happy New Year yogis! For those of you hoping to start the new Year with a new self practice at home yoga routine, I find DVDs are a great help to set up a home practice, or to inspire you if your regular practice has fallen into a lull. I’m always excited to see new yoga DVDs out, especially ones with practices that fit in with busy lives, because let’s face it, not many of us have the time to switch on a DVD with a 90 minute practice on it at home. So I jumped at the opportunity to try the new Tara Stiles This is Yoga DVD range. I was given both the The AM and PM for everyone disc and the Complete Yoga Library for Everyone.

The Complete Yoga Library, is great if you want to remind yourselves about certain poses, have poses you need to work on or struggle during a practice to keep up with certain poses. It’s not something I would use regularly, but I had fun trying out a few of my favourite, and not-so-favourite postures.

The AM/PM Yoga for Everyone disc, is in my opinion, perfect for getting into the habit of a home practice. This disc comes with 4 practices, and what I love is that they vary in length so that you can choose what suits your body and your timing on a particular day.

The practices on this disc are:

  • AM Yoga in Bed (5 min)
  • Daily Flow (15 min)
  • Energy Flow (60 min)
  • PM Yoga in bed (5 min)

Now I must be honest and say that I thought that the two short practices in bed would just be gimmicky little add-ons. My daily practice starts when I unroll my mat. But I must say that I really enjoyed both of them, especially since I knew it was only 5 minutes and wouldn’t eat too much into my evening or morning. They are pretty basic but effective stretches to open the body, and after a few tries I found myself naturally stretching when in bed at night before I go to sleep, so they are worth a try.

The daily flow practice, for me, is the handiest one to set up a regular daily practice, it consists of a good 15 minute yoga practice to stretch and strengthen the whole body – short, sweet and to the point. If you have always avoided getting your yoga mat out at home because you think you don’t have time, this is a great practice to get started with, set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier and give it a go.

The Energy Flow practice is 60 minutes long – perfect for that Saturday morning when you need a good start to your weekend with a longer yoga session to ground and balance you as well as give your body a good workout & a stretch.

Here’s how I suggest you use the AM/PM Yoga for Everyone disc to help kickstart a daily yoga practice in 2013:

During the week, set your alarm clock 15 minutes early and unroll your mat to do the Daily flow session. On those mornings that you just can’t face getting out of bed, have a 10 minute lie in and do the AM yoga in bed practice. And when you are in need of a good night’s sleep do the PM Yoga in bed session.

Then at the weekend, get out of bed as soon as you wake up, or set aside a Sunday afternoon and do the 60 minute Energy Flow class.

Tara’s teaching style is flowing and clear, at times a little bit fast, but once you get use to the routines they are easy to follow along to. Her voice is not too instructional, and I enjoyed the little details she ads. Her voice over on the videos doesn’t feel scripted, and I love the modern fresh scenery. All the sessions are simple and concise without lengthy introductions or too much talking. I noticed that the DVDs are available on both the US & UK Amazon sites, and you can buy the complete set or the DVDs individually and they are really reasonably priced in comparison to many other yoga DVDs I’ve purchased.

Once you get use to practicing yoga regularly and as part of a routine, you will notice how different you feel when you go without. I still reach for my Yoga DVDs to inspire me or kickstart my practice after a lull. And I’m happy to have two new ones to add to my collection.

Have you started a New Year’s yoga practice?

If so, enjoy the benefits!