Making a Yoga Eye Pillow Tutorial

Making a Yoga Eye Pillow Tutorial

These eye pillows are great at the end of a yoga session during relaxation (Savasana). They help to ease any tension around the eyes , allowing the muscles in the face to release more. And with a wonderful lavender scent, the aroma itself is relaxing too. They are so easy to make, and because they are small you could sew them by hand too if you haven’t got a sewing machine.

(Above is Banjo showing you how to use your eye pillow, although it only lasted about 5 seconds).

You will need:

  • 25cm x 25cm square of plain cotton fabric   (muslin or calico is fine)
  • 55cm x 14 cm length of pretty fabric in either cotton or silk
  • +/- 1 and a half cups of flax seeds or Golden linseeds
  • 1 teaspoon of

    dried lavender or some essential oil

Mix the flax seeds and lavender, or add 3 drops of lavender or your choice of essential oil. You can also use dried camomile instad of the dried lavender if you prefer. Follow the sewing instructions below, or download the printable PDF of the eye pillow here.


Enjoy and relax more often.

Hanri & Banjo