Links for the weekend

1 A good diet shouldn’t be too acidic, so if you are looking at alkalising your diet, you need to take a look at this blog I’ve just discovered myself, it’s called the Alkaline Sisters, and has fab recipes accompanied by some very pretty photos too. You’ll be inspired to be healthy. }

2 { Want a cheap (or even free) healthy, caffeine free alternative to coffee… dandelion root coffee is not only good for you, but if you live near a field where dandelions grow, you can even get it free. This video clip on Youtube shows you how to make it. }

3 { If you’re not a fan of sting or indian sitar music, skip this link, otherwise have a listen to this beautiful track by Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale & Sting called Sea Dreamer. }

4 { For those of you in the Oxfordshire area, there is a Yoga studio in Witney called the Yoga Room – I happen to meet the lovely Sue Baldwin who runs the studio – join her for a Dru Yoga class (a flowing yoga class with a focus on movement with the breath), Thai massage and mother & daughter yoga classes. See her website for more info. }

5 { If you enjoy herbal teas, then you might have spotted Pukka teas with their beautiful packaging in UK health shops. They do a fantastic Rooibos blend called ‘morning time’, my current favourite. }