Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga

Tonight I went along to an Aerial yoga class. Never heard of it? Nor have I until I recently stumbled across local yoga teacher Emma Robinson’s yoga website. Emma was offering a taster session here in Oxford that me and two of my friends went along to. Emma tells us that an aerial yoga class has all the usual yoga poses but supported in the swing, along with some of the fancy tricks that we got to try out tonight.

(I do apologise for the photos, it was very dark so I had to use the dreaded flash on the camera)

Here I

am doing a version of ‘Salabhasana’ or locust pose, except I’m in the air wrapped in fabric.

And here are two photos of Emma showing us some other poses that you can do in an Aerial yoga class.

It’s always fun to try a new style of yoga, and this really was loads of fun. I loved hanging upside down supported by the swing. I did feel my core muscles having to kick in a few times, and I’m sure my shoulders will be feeling it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to going along to a full class of aerial yoga when Emma starts them in October here in Oxford, so watch this space for some more Aerial yoga info.

Visit Emma’s website here for more information on Aerial yoga and to see when her Aerial yoga classes are on in Oxford.