The Yogi, the Illustrator and the Art Print

The Yogi, the Illustrator and the Art Print

I love how my blog has given me the opportunity to get in touch with all sorts of people. So I am delighted to introduce you all to an illustrator and a yoga teacher who got in touch with me regarding a really beautiful yoga art print that they created, entitled “Yoga Godesses”.



 I was so taken with the beautiful silk screen print that I just had to know more, not to mention buy my very own print… it was simply too delightful not to have. Lucky for me, Laurie Hastings the illustrator & Rebecca the  founder of Yoga Will Save the World (and a yoga teacher too) took some time out for an interview with me…

YH: Laurie, how did you and Rebecca come up with the idea to do this print?

Laurie: Rebs was in the process of setting up her Yoga Will Save the World gift shop, and asked if I’d like to create a screenprint for her start up collection of gifts. I was excited at the thought of drawing super-yogis, and quickly had lots of ideas for how it could look. 

 YH: How do you two know each other?

Laurie: We go way back to the mid-90s, where we met at secondary school in Hong Kong and became best buddies.

 YH: Yoga is such a visually beautiful practice and lends itself well to art. What is the concept behind this particular print?

Laurie: Rebs suggested I create something that had a repeat pattern so we could potentially use it on other products too, so that influenced the basic composition. I liked the idea of framing each yoga goddess with organic shapes, showing a connection with nature and also so that each had a unique personality but they were all part of one group.

 YH: Rebecca, I see that you are both a yoga teacher and an illustrator? What first inspired you to do yoga doodles?

Rebecca: It was when I was doing my yoga teacher training in Byron Bay, we had to note down poses and sequences really quickly. I used to do art at school and for a year after and it just made sense to draw the poses rather than write the long sanskrit names. Then I started getting commissions from students to draw them yogi folk, I think that’s when YWSTW started.

 YH: I enjoyed reading about how you started “Yoga will save the World” and completely relate to you saying how you tried to smuggle coffees into your room at the ashram. Your illustrations are very playful, do you incorporate this playfulness into your classes?

Rebecca: I do hope my classes are playful. Adults can lose their sense of adventure and also have a fear around what their bodies are capable of. I love it when I help a beginner into their first handstand. They really don’t believe they can do it and suddenly they’re upside down and loving it. I still love coffee and wine. I don’t think denial should be part of life, just some moderation and the occasional indulgence.  

 YH: I personally think the US is still way ahead with popularity of yoga, but London seems to be catching up. How do you both find the the yoga vibe in London?

Rebecca: The yoga vibe in London is definitely growing like is everywhere. There are some brilliant teachers. I am practicing a lot with Stewart Gilchrist and my practice has become so much stronger. He’s a great teacher and features in some of my designs. There are so many others too I think are so inspirational. Gingi Lee and Kath Roberts too. Too many teachers, too little time.

 YH: What do you both love most about yoga?

Rebecca: I love the peace it brings to my often crazy mind. It’s a physical practice but the more you practice develops the more you realise it’s so much more than that. I love that I can do it anywhere and need nothing but your body and two bare feet. 

Laurie: Although Rebs has tried to loosen my hamstrings with yoga, I am more of team sports type of girl, so you will more often catch me playing tag rugby or running around my local park!

 YH: And finally, are you two planning on doing any more yoga prints in the future?

Laurie: We don’t have any immediate plans, but we are always conjuring up new ideas for us to work together, so watch this space!

Rebecca: Laurie and I are always plotting. I’d love to get this print made on wallpaper and someone on YWSTW’s facebook page suggested fabric which would be so beautiful. Like Laurie says, just stay tuned to Laurie Hastings Illustration ( and YWSTW ( and you’ll be the first to hear.

YH: Thank you ladies, what a joy to get to know more about your stories!  I am so delighted with my print, I can’t wait to frame it!

With only 40 prints made, if you too would like a beautiful limited edition silk screen print, you can buy it here on the Yoga Will Save the World website. At £40, it’s a steal and the perfect gift for yogi friends or yoga teachers!

So many beautiful things, so little time.

Enjoy yogis x