The Yoga Show London 2011

The  Yoga Show London 2011

Before I continue I must just tell you all that the reason for a delay in getting this post up is because Banjo has had to go to the vets for an operation to remove a growing lump from his cheek. He is home now and recovering, but still a bit wobbly on his feet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about the Yoga Show in London…

This was the second year that I have made the effort to pop along to The Yoga Show in London. It’s great to see so many yogis from different schools of yoga, and so many different teachers all get together under one roof. And let’s not forget the shopping, the bargains and the free snacking! Of course in truth, you don’t need to buy anything but a mat to do yoga, and you could probably even get away without a mat. But I do appreciate being able to buy brands of clothing dedicated to yoga, many of them with great ethical values, and it’s great to discover some more foods from the health food world and just generally see what’s happening out there in the world of yoga.

Below are some pictures from the show that I took on Sunday morning…

The open classes are all free to go to once you’ve paid the entrance fee, with an array of teachers teaching short 30 minute classes to give a taster of what they are all about. The picture on the bottom left is of the singer Lucinda Drayton, with her serene and loved filled music, it was blissful to do browsing with her singing in the background. Also included in the photo batch above, is the Pukka tea stand and Yogi tea. Both brands are widely available at health food shops, my favourite Pukka tea is ‘Love’ and my favourite Yogi Tea is ‘Choco’. I’d still be very addicted to coffee had it not been for these tasty herbal teas.

Also at the show was Emma Robinson doing some Aerial yoga displays – if you regularly read my blog you might remember Emma from here.

And here are some of my other favourite finds at the show. Please note that I am not paid, bribed or pushed in any way to promote the brands listed below, these just genuinely are things I liked the most and why. Enjoy.


I’ve been eyeing out the Wellicious yoga gear on their website for a while now, so I was pleased to see the clothing look as soft and pretty as they do on photos. Being on a bit of a budget this year I headed straight for the bargain bin where I picked up two pretty tops that I’m very pleased with.


I was so pleased to see a Lululemon stand at this year’s show. I am not at all a label conscious type of girl. I’ve never been particularly bothered about what the label on my clothing says, but when on holiday in New England I invested in a pair of Lululemon leggings because I was tired of my normal cotton leggings developing holes in places where I couldn’t see them but everyone else could. I was so pleased with my leggings from there that I didn’t hesitate to buy myself a second pair from the stand at the Yoga Show. Yes, it’s true, they are almost the price of a pair of jeans, but they are also guaranteed for 5 years if you wash them properly… that’s a big improvement over the one month lifespan of my previous high street fashion leggings. I guess quality over quantity really does make a difference.

To top it all, the lovely ladies at the lululemon stand made my day by giving me a free lululemon yoga mat to try out and take home with me. It must have been my enthusiasm for their leggings, or perhaps I just looked desperate for a mat. The mat is pretty fantastic, it looks all shiny, but has great grip.

Munchy Seeds

I first discovered these yummy little treats at the Yoga Show last year – tubs of flavoured seeds to snack on. Their savoury flavours are available at Waitrose and health food shops, but I’m in love with the Vanilla Pumpkin seeds and made sure I took three tubs home with me.

Shanti Sundays

Once again a discovery from last year’s yoga show, so I am really glad to be able to show you these beautiful yoga bolsters and accessories from Shanti Sundays. I bought a bolster last year and use it often, actually if you attend any of my classes you might have been lucky enough to have been draped over the pretty and ridiculously comfortable bolster. The heart shaped meditation cushion is definitely next on my wish list.

Vibram Five Fingers

It’s always fun to see people’s reactions to these toe shoes as they look a bit strange at first. But in our household, they are the norm to be seen in. Both my husband and I have a pair that we go running in, I wouldn’t and couldn’t go back to wearing regular trainers for running since becoming use to them. They remind me of running around barefoot as a child, and since ditching our regular trainers we were able to run without getting the dreaded shin splints. I also love wearing my Vibrams around the house since they undo the scrunching of my toes that some of my ‘prettier’ shoes do. My current Vibrams are just black & grey, so I couldn’t resist snapping these two lovely colours that they had on the stand. I might be tempted to replace my current ones with some bright pink ones when the time comes.


These electrolyte enhanced drink tablets with no sugar and natural flavours only were a completely new discovery for me this year at the show. I’m terrible at drinking enough water (I know, I know, practice what you preach), so I love that adding one of these tablets to my drinks bottle means that I can ensure I am properly hydrated after a yoga class. I liked the Triberry flavour best and came home a tube of 12 tablets to try out, but they are disappearing fast since my husband discovered the them too.

Satya Jewelry

I just love the beautiful and simple pieces of jewellery from Satya. I’m sad to say that I did not come home from the show with any pieces this year but Santa will be receiving a letter from me this Christmas requesting a little Satya treat. From gemstone earrings, to lotus flower pendants in matt rich golds and dusty silvers… they look earthy, feminine, subtle and not too blingy, just how I like my jewellery.

Those were my favourite things from this year’s show. Next year I’d like to attend a few paid for workshops, because it’s not often we get to pick and choose a yoga class from such a great selection of teachers from different backgrounds.

Did you attend the yoga show? Any favourite finds? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Hanri & a recovering Banjo