Greyhounds, holidays, rescue work and yoga bags in Arizona…

Greyhounds, holidays, rescue work and yoga bags in Arizona…

How pleased was I when Michelle from Greyt Escape commented on my Greyhound page? Well, I was very excited. I have in the past scoured Flickr for greyhound photos and came across the photos of Michelle’s amazing Greyhound retreat, I think many Greyhound owners have longingly stared at Michelle’s photos wishing they could leave their hound at such an awesome place when they go on holiday. So when Michelle left me a comment, I felt like I had been left a comment by a celebrity Greyhound mom.

GreytEscape was founded by Michelle & Brian Caillet after they adopted their Greyhound Riley, and inspired by Michelle’s volunteer work at a kennel. Nope, these certainly aren’t kennels, this is a home, filled with soft beds, toys, a fireplace for the winters and shady spots outside for the summers in Arizona… this is a safe, loving place for hounds to go to when their owners are on holiday… so that they too get to holiday. I mean, this place looks good enough for me to have a holiday at ( and I can’t say the same for the usual doggy kennels). Take a look….

As it turns out, Michelle and I have more in common than just a love for greyhounds, Michelle is one very busy lady (I can relate to that), she helps out with a Greyhound rescue group, she crafts Greyhound accessories for her one Etsy shop, and this is almost too good to be true, Michelle also makes and sells yoga bags on her second Etsy shop called Chella Bella Designs.  Here are some of the clever

things Michelle makes and sells.


And if all of this just seems like lots of money-making ventures, don’t be fooled. Michelle not only gives her time to the Greyhound rescue group in Arizona, she also donates proceeds from her Etsy sales to them, and she is part of a group of 7 people called “Beading Divas To the Rescue!” . This group began as a way to help a fellow Greyhound adopter  pay off vet bills over $14,000 after a stolen vehicle hit her from behind.   Since they began in October 2008 they have raised over $40,000.00 for non-profit groups within the United States.
For more information about the Beading Divas, take a look at…
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I love it when blogging  helps you to discover new friends, especially ones with such a big heart!

See more of  Michelle’s love of hounds and crafts at:

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