The benefits of gelatin

The benefits of gelatin


Truth is, recently I have hardly had the chance to cook properly and eat as healthily as I’d like to. Over the past year I have made some pretty big, sometimes traumatic, other times exciting changes. My health has definitely suffered for the lack of routine and time. So when I read about a health food or supplement that is quick, easy and versatile to add to my diet I get very excited.   

 I was aware that bone broth is excellent for health, thanks to the Mark’s Daily Apple website, but I simply don’t have the time currently to make bone broth. What I did not realise however is that you get tremendous health benefits by simply taking in gelatin. It seems people are adding gelatin to their breakfast yogurts, smoothies and even coffee. Below I have answered some questions about gelatin, and why it’s a great addition to a diet – even if you don’t have time to make your own bone broth.

 What are the benefits of gelatin?

 Gelatin can help soothe the digestive tract, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system, regulates hormones and improves nail, hair and joint conditions. Also the glycine in gelatin apparently has a calming effect on the body, making it ideal to take before bed time for those with sleep disorders.

 Why is gelatin good for health?

Gelatin is basically the collagen found in animal hair, skin, bone and hoofs. Collagen is often sold as an anti-ageing product and that is because taking in collagen actually stimulates the body to produce more of its own collagen. Collagen is essential to protein synthesis in the body which helps to rejuvenate new cells.

Gelatin contains Argenine and Glycine. In a nutshell –  argenine helps regulate metabolism and glycine converts glucose to energy instead of fat and has a calming effect on the body.*

Is all gelatin equal?

 Nope, as always with animal products it’s best to go for products derived from grass-fed animals. Failing that organic is better than non-organic. Also note that most supermarket gelatin is derived from the pork industry which does not always have the best welfare standards. It’s better to go for beef gelatin where possible, and at best go for grass-fed non-hydrolyzed if you can find it. I have found beef gelatin on Amazon here.

 But if you can afford it, this brand is supposedly the best and can be found from a variety of online sites…

 How can you add gelatin to your diet?

 You can easily simply add granules to yogurt, smoothies, hot drinks, vegetable soups etc. If you’d like the traditional gelatin route then why not try Sophistimom’s recipe for fruit studded gelatin or make some paleo marshmallows … oooh!

Lastly, for my veggie friends out there – the Zen to fitness blog suggests Seaweed derived gelatin – not quite the same benefits, but worth a look into.

Well, I’m off to try adding gelatin to my diet and will let you know how I get on.

 Do you use gelatin as part of your diet? Let me know if you have seen the benefits? Let me know please.

Hanri x