Ethical shopping at my favourite shop: Indigo

Ethical shopping at my favourite shop: Indigo

I do enjoy a bit of shopping! As a visual person, dressing nicely is important to me, but as a yogi so is conscious shopping. Of course I can’t deny that I have not been tempted by the mass-produced worryingly low-priced clothes of certain stores, but just like living mind fully teaches us to think about our food choices including where our food comes from, we really ought to shop with that same mindfulness – think about how our clothes were produced, where it’s coming from and for our own health, we ought to think about the type of garments and fabrics we cover our bodies with.

Luckily for those of us in the Oxford area, there is a fantastic shop that sells not only beautiful clothing, accessories and shoes, but ethically produced, and natural too. Indigo is on the brilliantly highstreet-store-free Cowley road in Oxford, just down the road from the new YogaVenue studio written about here.

What I love about Indigo is that I can shop with a clear conscious, and I know I wont find any itchy, sweaty plastic jumpers that will unravel the minute it goes into the washing machine. You are also less likely to find pair of shoes at £5, but the important factor is that the items in the store are fair trade, meaning that everyone in the chain benefits, and with the great quality the slightly higher price tag is worth it for those of us who purchase the items at the end of the chain.

Oh, and the men folk don’t have to stand outside whilst you shop away, the shop has a fantastic selection of men’s clothing and shoes. And for the little folk? Yes, there is a whole section of baby and children’s clothes plus toys.

I took my camera along to Indigo, so take a walk through this gorgeous shop with me.

Now, the important question… Did I walk away empty-handed? Of course not, I got myself a fab bargain in the sale… a beautiful blue and white tie-dye effect dress. I’ll post a pic soon!

Visit the Indigo website here. For those of you in the Oxford area, you can find Indigo at 62 Cowley Road – on Google Maps here.