#CROWDCROCHET – get your hook on at this Yoga Studio & make a difference

#CROWDCROCHET – get your hook on at this Yoga Studio & make a difference

The lovely Anna Robershaw-Freeth from the Freestyle Yoga Project recently contacted me about an initiative that I am just so excited to share with you all. It involves a yoga studio, crochet hooks and the local community… what’s not to love?

I interviewed Anna to find out more…

What is Crowd Crochet?

#crowdcrochet is a concept born from wanting to make a difference. It’s a project for people who want to make a change, feel that they are doing something positive and proactive for their local community and beyond… We will be crocheting items for local, national and international charities on a monthly basis.  We ask that people make donations for the yarn and the huge donation of their time to make this project happen.

Where did the inspiration come from for setting up the event?

The inspiration came from chatting with friend / colleague Laura Parker, Freckles & Fire…she runs local ‘create’ workshops from different locations in Tunbridge Wells and we were looking at the idea of yoga & creating! We decided that, right now, with so many changes happening world wide, people would be more inclined to be a part of something that was about making a difference, feeling empowered by that & being around other like-minded people. So Crowd Crochet was born !

There’s been a bit of handmade-crafts revival in recent years. In an age when it’s so cheap and easy to buy mass produced, what do you think is the value in making something from scratch?

For us the ‘making from scratch’ has 2 connotations.  Firstly, the items created are not to be taken home to be treasured, these are items, made through love to be given to another person.Secondly people can learn a new skill, we are all creative beings…it’s a part of who we are and we love the idea of people coming together to work as a group.  Face to face.  Rather than Facebook face 🙂 or similar.

What are you hoping to achieve with the event?

We are hoping that people will have fun, meet new people, learn something new & feel that they are making a difference to another life.

You must have seen the handmade “pussy hats” worn by so many as part of the recent Women’s March – what did you make of the significance of knitted and crocheted “pussy hats”?

I feel so proud to be a woman right now.  I felt so proud of all my sisters, all over the world, standing together and saying ’no more’!  These are shit times but there are some really positive things happening that might not have happened so quickly and with such strength, had those bad things not happened.  We live in light and shade. Those pussy hats were a sign of unity…things will never be the same.  The

world is constantly changing and we must have the flexibility, strength and courage to change with it.  Women can no longer feel less, or threatened or vulnerable by misogynistic behaviour – there have been too many attacks on us over our lifetimes…we must be heard now and we must be understood and we must be listened to.

Crochet in a yoga studio? Tell me about the link between the two and what it means to you?

The link between crochet and yoga came from the conversations started up between Laura and I – 2 women, mum’s, wives, running our own businesses.  What this project means to me is power & change, however small, that comes from us as individuals.  When we are on the mat we start that process, something just as simple as breathing and moving, is a form of expression.  Crowd Crochet is our expression of reaching out and giving power back to those that make the crowd.  You can’t get that from a machine in a factory !


Sunday 5th of March 2017

11:45 am – 1:45 pm

Location : Freestyle Yoga Project Studio

42 High St, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1XF