Changing of seasons & a weekend away

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

~Jack Dixon

This weekend whilst in Devon visiting family, I really started to notice the changing of the season with leaves changing colour, apples turning red on the trees and the cold nip in the wind.

Autumn is a busy month, it is so for the animal kingdom who are gathering food or preparing to move on for the winter, but it also applies to us, even in the non-stop modern world. You will notice more people change jobs and move house in the autumn, it is the season for change. I have noticed a change in my appetite already and my body is no longer happy with a cold salad or smoothie. And so autumn is a good time of year to detox, to establish new healthy habits in preparation for winter.  I certainly know that I need it after over-indulging on my weekend away.

I’ll be starting an autumn detox this week, nothing too difficult, just lots of veg preferably in soups, I might switch my breakfast smoothies for some warm quinoa spiced with cinnamon to help with the sweet ans starchy cravings and make sure I take in plenty of water.

If you too are finding autumn a busy time of year, then practising yoga everyday or meditating is a great way to slow things down a pace.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos from my weekend away – as you can see I spent some time with my two gorgeous nieces. Banjo enjoyed a change

of scenery, and was thoroughly spoilt by the girls feeding him their leftovers. It is always such a joy to watch children laugh and play, they do it with such abandon. As it was my eldest niece also enjoyed picking up some fall foliage making for some fantastic photos. With their beautiful smiles and inquisitive natures, I find it hard to put my camera away in their presence.

How are YOU finding it now that autumn has started? Whilst those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere are moving into Spring, are you finding it a busy time too?

Hanri & Banjo