Amazing gluten-free snacks found in Oxford: Bolitas

Amazing gluten-free snacks found in Oxford: Bolitas

I just had to blog about these snacks as soon as possible, as I am so excited to share this find.

Lucky for me, the people from the beautiful Indigo shop on the Cowley road posted about these delightful treats on their Facebook page, so when we decided to go to Oxford yesterday I made a note to visit Bolitas in the Oxford Covered Market.

Bolitas are these amazing little cheese balls/rolls served warm, slightly crispy on the outside, soft and very squishy on the inside. They are as I have always wished breadrolls could be, but better. And the cherry on the cake for me… they are gluten-free, yeast free and have no added sugar! They really are unlike anything I’ve ever had, but oh boy they are good. The founder, Katia Burghard, is from Brazil where she grew up eating Bolitas as a regular snack. And now, lucky for us, she has brought them to the UK. Read more about Bolitas on the website here. These Bolitas are made with Tapioca flour, which is a starch extracted from the root of a plant. The good news is that Taioca is one of the “safe starches.” It’s a toxin-free, antinutrient-less and a dense source of carbohydrate. *

So Oxford people, get yourself

down to the covered market to try these out. We had ours with a cup of coffee, and on a cold day like yesterday it was pure comfort! But don’t despair if you are not based in Oxford, because Katia also sells the frozen Bolitas on her website here.

After we had our Bolitas from the market, we went back and bought a pack of frozen Bolitas which we warmed up at home, and they were equally delicious… see for yourself…

Banjo also had a Bolita, and nearly stole ours off of our plates he enjoyed it so much.


* Information sourced from Marksdailyapple.