My name is Hanri. I’m a Yoga Teacher, a photographer, a graphic designer, an obsessive crafter turned pattern designer and a dog lover… basically, I’m busy, but loving it.

Years ago, I owned a Greyhound called Banjo, he use to join me on my yoga mat …. I wanted to share my love for yoga and my journey to health and happiness. So I started the Yogahound blog. I am fortunate to have has a mother who taught me to knit, crochet and sew, so naturally I started making things yoga related. I started sharing a few basic patterns, but as I developed more complex patterns, I was combining my design, my photography and my craft skills, and so I set up an Etsy shop on which to sell my patterns.

Yoga is still very much a part of my life, my practice is constantly changing. My experience in keeping healthy and happy is constantly adapting, and that’s what I love about blogging – a platform from which to share experience.