5 practical yoga hairstyles

5 practical yoga hairstyles

I have on more than one occasion nearly choked on my own hair during a yoga class. Okay, so I confess that I have particularly unruly hair – it’s long, fine and there’s lots of it. I envy girls who stroll into class with

a ponytail and walk out with said ponytail still in place. Not me, my bangs fly out, the hair tie slides down and I generally leave class looking like I’ve just walked through a tropical storm. But over the years I have developed a few hairstyles that I find comfortable for most poses (avoiding the crown top knot which makes head-balance painful!) and hold most of my strands in place. I love using THESE Anthropologie-style soft neon ties (now available on the shop page because I love them so much), but any soft and snag free hair ties work well. And a word of warning, if you have fine hair, do not be tempted to use loom bands, they will tear out what looks like little pom poms of your own hair!.

The three strand tie & plait

Take a small section of hair from the top of your head and secure with a tie. Now take a small section from the one side of the head, secure with a tie and repeat on the other side. Use the three resulting tails of hair to braid the hair, before reaching the base of your head, secure with another tie and continue braiding until you can tie the base of the braid.


Two twists & ties ponytial

First divide your hair into a left and right section. Using the top right quarter of hair, start to twist away from your right ear inwards. Start adding in the rest of the hair at the base of the head on the right as you twist and secure with a tie. Repeat on the left. Now twist both resulting ponytails inwards and secure with a third tie. Great for keeping unruly long fringes at bay!




The double tie bun and headband

I love wearing a headband because it keeps all my bangs and frizzies in place (sort of). For this style I start with the headband around my neck and make a simple ponytail further back than the crown of my head (for head-balance purpouses of course!), then I wrap the ponytail around the hair tie and use a second hair tie to keep the bun in place. Lastly pulling the headband over my ears. It’s best to use a full and sturdy headband which will stay in place, or secure the back of the headband at the base of the head with a hairgrip.


Double knot relaxed-do

Soft hair ties make all the difference with this style if you’re in supine positions. For this style, take a hold of the top half section of your hair, and start as if making a ponytail but only pull the hair through halfway until the hair makes a loop. Now take a hold of the lower section of your hair and then allow some of the top loop of hair to slip in under the lower section hair tie as though you are making a second ponytail, but again only pull the hair through half way again to make the lower loop.


The multi-tie ponytial

My favorourite because it hold really well, even during the most rigorous Vinaysa practise. Simply start with a small section at the op of your head, tie with a hair tie and repeat. Once all the hair has been gathered add two more bands (depending on your hair length) onto the ponytail itself. I like to tug some strands of hair outwards to give it a full and relaxed look.