Yoga Music

Yoga Music

Ooh, I have just discovered a website dedicated to yoga music called Yogitunes.

Of course labelling music as ‘yoga music is a bit of a grey area, because I don’t even use music in my class, nor do I listen to music whilst I practice, but I guess when I refer to yoga music, I mean music that relaxes, brings positive vibes and can bring me into the present. So I see Yogitunes as a great place to find music that is relaxing, positive and fab to put on in the background when having a quiet day.

I’ve already earmarked some of my favourite tracks, click on the link below to see my playlist so far.

♥ My Tracks | Yogi Tunes.

Dogs like music too, I can often see that when I put some ‘yoga music’ on, Banjo is even more relaxed than usual, and will quietly just sit and blink whilst I do some work. Although he also seems to enjoy the sound of Formula 1 racing on the television which he loves to sleep to whilst my husband watches it on a Sunday afternoon. It does make me wonder how dogs hear music?

Let me know if you practice to yoga music or not, and what is your favouite ‘yoga music’? Or perhaps your own yoga hound has a favourite playlist?